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Why Data Science?


Data Science is the perfect conduit for strategic alignment. Strategic alignment is achieved when systems, people and processes work together to achieve the same goal.

Data Science is the only field of expertise not limited to a specific subject matter like sales, finance, logistics or operations. Data Science works in all environments and because it is cross-functional it aligns the business specific objectives with departmental execution.

Data Science enables your sales, operations and finance teams to work together instead of working against each other. Sales just want to sell your products. Finance is concerned with keeping costs under control and Operations need to produce the goods.

Embedding Data Science in your business will allow:

  • Sales to sell profitable products to the right clients at the right time.
  • Operations to produce to demand. The right products, at the right time, at the right cost.
  • Finance to achieve targets and budgets and keeping costs under control.
  • Logistics to achieve high service delivery to clients, delivering the right products at the right time.
  • Fleet to achieve low cost of operations, with high availability and productivity.
  • Supply Chain to achieve maximum throughput, high velocity of inventory with the shortest cash conversion cycle, satisfying demand.