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High Performance Fleet Program - How Autolytix Data Science Achieves Results


Autolytix Data Science were able to drastically reduce fleet operating costs.

Autolytix Data Science made fleet a science - the original inventors of fleet sciences in South Africa. Autolytix Data Science is at the forefront of thought leadership and actuarial fleet sciences, to specifically increase productivity and efficiency and drastically reduce fleet operating costs.

The methodologies invented by Autolytix Data Science are directly aligned to achieve high impact results for the client. This is why we can guarantee results.

The methodologies used by Autolytix Data Science directly influence the key variables of Total Fleet Cost.


Where Tc = Total Fleet Cost;
n = Number of Vehicles;
k = Kilometres;
c = Cents per Kilometre cost (cpk);
F = Fixed Cost

Cpk reprensents all the variable costs associated with fleet, namely:


Through the High Performance Fleet Program the core elements of Total Fleet Cost are materially impacted. Our High Performance Fleet Program is designed around 5 key strategic initiatives to achieve real results. In

Strategic Initiatives

MethodologyQuestions We AnswerWhat We DoBenefits You Receive
Right FundingAre your assets optimally funded with the correct economic replacement cycle?Your lease contracts are analysed and re-engineered to coincide with the correct economic replacement cycle of the asset. Residual values and maintenance cpk rates are also assessed. Direct reduction in lease cost. Optimised replacement cycle.
Right RouteAre you travelling efficiently from point A to B, taking into account the client demand?Demand -, network - and asset distribution are analysed to improve the planning and scheduling of individual routes. Reduction in kilometres travelled, directly impacts all variable costs, like fuel, maintenance and tyres.
Right BehaviourWhich drivers are directly responsible for additional expenses and how do we influence the correct behaviour?Driver behaviour is quantified and poor driver behaviour is performance managed to achieve results.Up to 50% of the variability in costs can be explained through driver behaviour. The correct driver behaviour can significantly influence fuel and maintenance cost.
Right ProcurementWhich vehicles should we purchase from a total cost of ownership perspective? And, from which suppliers must we procure to maintain the vehicles, and at what cost? Various cost tools are utilised to inform total cost of ownership on your fleet, specifically to influence future buying patterns. Purchase reliable assets with the lowest total cost of ownership. Significantly reduce the cost to maintain the asset.
Right PortfolioIs my fleet portfolio in terms of mix and application aligned with my client's needs? Analysis of demand, application and fleet mix will result in a more efficient fleet portfolio.Optimum fleet size, mix and application to effectively serve your clients.


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