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High Performance Fleet Program - Key Challenges


In order for CEOs to meet their strategic objectives, they have identified 5 key challenges that need to be addressed for them to succeed.

Key Challenges for CEOs

ChallengeCEOs that did itCEOs that didn't do it
Knowledge and ExpertiseCEOs that hired the right expertise and knowledge, gained significant results in terms of increased opportunities for proactive fleet optimisation.CEOS that did not hire the right expertise and knowledge struggled on a daily basis to manage their fleets on an operational level and were killing fires on a constant basis.
Data Driven InsightThose CEOs who have embraced data science has achieved significant results in unlocking the opportunities for high impact decision making and as a direct result achieved a significant competitive advantage.Those CEOs who have not embraced analytics or big data sciences, have struggled to positively impact their businesses. They tend to use past experience and gut feel to make decisions.
Fleet Driven FocusCEOs that implemented dedicated focus in their fleet and logistic departments, significant outperformed competitors in terms of cost of delivery and service levels.CEOs that did not have the necessary focus on fleet struggled to match competitors on price and service delivery.
Intelligent SoftwareCEOs that have intelligent software were able to make pressured decisions, quickly and with confidence, positively influencing the entire organisation.CEOs that have not implemented intelligent software still struggle to find the correct version of the “truth”. They find it very difficult to find the right answers and make decisions on the information presented.
MethodologyCEOs that have implemented world-best-practice methodologies, have the correct recipe to execute large scale fleet operations with precision.CEOs that have not implemented best practice methodologies, implement random interventions at the risk of high cost low benefit.


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