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What is Data Science?


What is Data Science? Data Science is the combined expertise of a software engineer, mathematician and a business expert.

The mass explosion of data in recent years have necessitated the need for data specialists that can work with and make sense of big data. And so the profession of Data Science was born.

Data Science to us is more than just crunching the numbers. Crushing the numbers and finding the right algorithms to fit the data DNA is one element of Data Science. Understanding and interpreting the data is even more important. In order to make the correct interpretation of the data, one must start with addressing a very specific business problem. If the questions are vague, the answers will be vague. If the questions are very specific, the answers will be very specific.

At Autolytix Data Science we spend as much effort on analysing the problem (data analytics) as on interpreting the outcome (interpretive analytics). Interpreting and understanding the outcome and how it translates into actions is what we call "Insight".

At Autolytix Data Science we constantly look for new innovative ways to convert data driven insight into strategic initiatives. This is where the rubber hits the road, because turning your data into meaningful actions is the ultimate end game.

This is what sets Autolytix Data Science apart from the crowd, is our ability to turn data into actions, but very specifically to positively impact the client's bottom line.

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